President's Message July 2000'

Summer might be here! At least it has warmed up a few times to the point that it feels hot enough during a workout to be summer.

After many months of promises, our website is up and running. Thanks to Bill James, Cary Moretti, Dan Little and Gayle Webber for getting it done. Dan will stay on as webmaster, with help as needed from the computer wizards. Find us at

I never cease to be amazed by the breadth and scope of the type of runners who get together every Tuesday evening for the XSNRG workout. Some members continue to come out week after week just to keep in shape and enjoy the company of fellow runners. Others are competing in a variety of events; from 5 km. runs to Ironman competitions. The results of those competitors is usually staggering, as many of you are attaining personal bests and enjoying competitive results. Those of us who finish farther down the list in our age groups always have something to strive for in terms of improvement. Others are attaining great results and continue to train hard so that they may keep they vaunted positions. WAY TO GO to all of you. We are indeed our own mentors and provide encouragement to each other. Just remember, if there is any type of endeavour you’d like to undertake, take advantage of the other members of the club. There is bound to be someone who has done the race you’d like to try, or at least will be able to give some words of wisdom.

The second thing I wanted to cover is our seemingly never-ending desire to look for new things. Life is not static. Things change and we must be prepared to change along with it. More importantly though, is that we must take charge of making our respective lives interesting for ourselves. Set goals and targets for yourself. Challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid of failure. Try something new once in a while and you’ll surprise yourself at your own accomplishments. In this regard, XSNRG members like Ian Henderson, Stephanie Duffy and Darrell Fox have recently tried duathlons and have opened up a whole new dimension to staying fit.

At the end of the day, remember to have fun. There are races (such as the Mad Dog Scramble) and workouts like Joel’s trail run that are just plain fun. Don’t forget to incorporate those into your yearly activities and you’ll definitely have a smile on your face at the end of it.

Remember to thank our volunteers such as Rob Schatteman and Gayle Webber for bringing you the various social events. Thanks to all who help out!

Happy running,

John Petrosoniak