President's Message February 1997'





This is a formal welcome to the New Year to all members as well as an introduction to the current executive. I am taking over from Anne Sauve and hope I can do as good a job as she did. The other members of the executive now include Bill Sloan as Treasurer, Tim Klassen in charge of membership, Adrienne Lewis and Jane Franklin as social directors, with Michael Brennan, Rae Simpson and Ursula Haas putting together the newsletter. Except for Michael, who selflessly continues to dedicate his valuable time to the club, all of the rest of us are first-timers at running the club’s affairs. We intend to keep up the tradition of fine leadership.


The events for the coming year are now being considered by the executive. Social nights will continue in the tradition that now seems to be well-entrenched. The Saint & Sinner Pub on Bayview Avenue will be the sight of our regular social on the first Tuesday of each month after the workout. Also, we are targeting May 6 as our kickoff for the new membership year with a membership drive and a monster party at the S&S. Last year we had a great turnout and we should be able to have another great party this year. More details will follow as the date nears. With our membership in the 140 range, our intent is to maintain that level and look for some modest growth. Bring out a friend if you know of anyone who is interested in a great workout and a good time.


While the new executive is a keen bunch, we do need your input and support. Remember, a club such as ours that is run by volunteers relies on more than just a handful of people. You get out of it what you put in. Do not assume that things will simply get done. We need your comments, feedback and assistance to keep XSNRG the dynamic organization that it has developed into. Speak to me or any of the other executive on any topic or if you would like to help.


Before I sign off, one serious issue has come to my attention recently. That issue is: What use should we allow the phone list to be used for? As you know, members’ phone numbers are printed in the newsletter from time to time. Recently, some members have complained about receiving unsolicited phone calls which are sales related. The executive has discussed this issue and unanimously decided that it is inappropriate to use the phone list to make unsolicited cold calls looking for business. Members have the opportunity to make announcements after each run, to write articles in the newsletter or to place ads in the newsletter. The phone numbers are there as a convenience for members to contact each other if interested in going for a run, making arrangements to get to a race or for some social reason. At this time, that is what the phone list is to be used for. However, if you have any comments about this issue, please speak to me after a run or write a note. We need your input so that we have the kind of club that you, as members, want.


I’m looking forward to meeting and running with all of you.


Happy running,


John Petrosoniak

February 1997