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∴ Guest appearance @ Terry Fox Run in Kelowna B.C.

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The Next Workout

Mallory Cres
NOTE: Move back to School this week

Tuesday Night @ 6:30pm | October 2, 2018

10x 1 loop (1'RI)
520m per loop


The Meeting Place

Sunnybrook Park
Meet in the first parking lot in upper sports fields


The Weather

X-S-N-R-G = excess energy!

XSNRG is a running club that provides runners of all levels weekly coached interval training to develop strength, stamina, and speed, in a supportive and social environment. From beginners to accomplished competitive runners, no one is too slow or too fast to run with XSNRG – all you need is the desire to train and improve your running!

Structured workouts will help you improve, but they are not always easy to do on your own. Our Tuesday night workouts, led by coaches, make it easy, give you company, and help keep you motivated with your running.

Meeting Locations The club meets in the Leaside area every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. and runs to a different workout location each week, focusing either on speed intervals or hill training. A typical workout includes a warm-up, cool-down, coaching tips on technique and the workout, and is usually finished by 8:00 p.m.

  • May through September: Sunnybrook Park in the Sports Pavilion parking lot on the upper fields
  • October through April: Leaside High School

NO ONE is too slow or too fast to run with XSNRG. All that is needed is the desire to run with others and to improve. Join us for our Tuesday Night Workouts … you’ll have fun and improve your running – all because of XSNRG’s workouts!

If you are able to run at least 6 to 8 km, you are ready to come out and increase your endurance, power and speed with XSNRG.

About the Workouts
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Every Tuesday evening @ 6:30 pm sharp the club leaves as a group for a warmup jog to a different weekly workout run.

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Workouts are organized and led by club coaches and consist of running intervals and will vary weekly from hills to speed.

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Stretches, warmups and cool downs start and finish every workout.

Club News

running icon September 18, 2018

Guest appearance @ Terry Fox Run in Kelowna B.C.

Darrell Fox, younger brother to Terry Fox and a former member of XSNRG, made an appearance at the 2018 Terry Fox in Kelowna, B.C.
He is joined by Joan and Mary ...

(sisters of Dan L) after the run. Darrell says hi to XSNRG!

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running icon May 15, 2018

Membership Night: May 29

You're invited to XSNRG's annual membership night, right after the last Tuesday run in May (the 29th @ 8pm).

We're trying out a couple of new things this year. ...

Instead of our usual haunt, we'll be dining at local Leaside eatery, the Amsterdam Barrel House (on Laird Dr., by Longo's). The club will have the upstairs room for the event. And instead of having a pre-ordered meal at a set price for everyone, each club member will order off the menu and pay for their own meal, but the club will contribute $10 toward each member's meal.

You can pay for this coming year's membership of $50 at the same time.

And there's lots of free parking in the plaza.

See you there!

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running icon January 28, 2017

AGM Feb. 7th

The AGM will be held Tuesday February 7th, post-workout at the Granite Brewery (245 Eglinton Ave. East). Dinner is on the club. Watch out for the Evite to ...


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running icon November 22, 2016

Season Social, post workout, Dec. 6th 8pm

Join your fellow XSNRG-peeps to let loose, chat about your FANTASTIC running season and enjoy a selection of veggie, meat and gluten-free platters.

We'll have ...

the par-tay on the second floor of Againt the Grain (in the Longos Plaza on Laird - there should be ample parking).


Cost (pay on the night):

$25 for members (the club is subsidizing the cost)
$35 for non-members

Please keep the club coffers in mind: if you RSVP yes, the club will be on the hook to pay for you even if you don't show - contact Julie ASAP if can't make it.

Please bring sweets to share if you feel so inclined.

Ho Ho Ho Happy Running Feet!

If you didn't get the Evite, go here: http://evite.me/W3E5qDUXQD

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running icon June 8, 2016

Wanted: male participants for research study on endurance-trained runners

Eric Williamson, a graduate student in the Metabolism and Sport Science lab here at U of T is looking for: male endurance-trained runners aged 18-50. Perks? Body ...

composition and fitness assessment (VO2max and strength test) using modern technology; An opportunity to make a difference in the scientific community; Compensation for your time.

For more details see Membership Xtra Newsletter coming out soon.

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running icon June 8, 2016

Upcoming Races ....

In our club e-mail inbox were alerts from race directors about two upcoming races:

June 19: RunTObeer, 5k, 10k, 5k and 3k. I'm guessing it's in Toronto? Site: ...


September 24: "Brave.TO". 5km, Scarborough, race. Site: https://cause2give.unxvision.com/P2PWeb/Default.aspx?EventId=1084&LanguageId=1

For more details see Membership Xtra Newsletter coming out soon (if you don't receive it let Andrew or Julie know).

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Coaches Corner

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Tips on Stretching, Nutrition and Equipment

As you know, after every XSNRG workout, we conclude with our 'active stretching'. This activity is designed as more than just a ritual social event. Your next workout starts with the way you end your current workout; we need to think of our workouts as a cycle, with one flowing into the next. As a result, it is important that you focus on a few key elements as one workout ends, so as to optimally prepare yourself for the next one. Here are some of the key elements to focus on: STRETCHING: Our workouts are designed to 'work' various aspects of our running: hills for strength and intervals for speed. As a result, we actually stress different muscles, and therefore our post-workout stretching must also focus on the key muscles we have worked. The A's, B's, and C's (butt-kicks) we do at the end should just be the start of your post-workout stretching. After these are done, think about which muscles groups you stressed during the workout and focus on stretching them as well. NUTRITION: There is a 20-30 minute window following each workout for us to replenish the nutrients that are body needs: proteins to help with muscle repair; carbohydrates to replace the energy consumed; and, fluids to keep our system in equilibrium. There are many commercial products available for this recovery phase, including chocolate milk. Be sure to focus on getting the required nutrients back into your system within this 20-30 minute window. EQUIPMENT: Our shoes are our most important piece of equipment, and you need to ensure that your shoes are 'doing their job' for you. Most experts will recommend having two pairs of shoes that can be alternated between workouts. Others will suggest that you have different shoes for different types of workouts: more supportive shoes for the long runs; lighter shoes for our speed workouts, etc. The main point here is to think about your shoes after each workout. Are they wet from rain or sweat and therefore need to be air dried before the next use? Are they suitable for the workout you are doing? Beyond shoes we also need to think about having the correct clothing, and to have a dry, warm set of clothes to change into after the workout to prevent chills or chaffing - regardless of time of year. There are also many types of compression clothes available - however this may be a topic for another time. The main take-away for you is that what you do to end a workout will have an impact - positive or negative - on your next workout.


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