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Mad Dog Scramble
What is the Mad Dog Scramble?

Welcome to the Mad Dog Scramble Trail Race hosted by the XSNRG Running Club!
This is a fun trail race mostly through beautiful Sunnybrook Park. There could be some single track flats, some double track, some hills, some stream crossings. It's a wild and whacky forest romp! We DO have ropes to grab for safer stream crossings and some of the tougher hills.
In this race, runners are sent off in waves a minute or two apart, with each wave having progressively faster runners in it. That means that the slowest runners go first and the fastest runners wait for up to 15 minutes. This 'seeding' of running abilities should have everyone finishing about the same time so ultimately it is the first person across the finish line who wins.
In this race, prizes are given to first, second and fourth male and female finishers. Third place gets mentioned, but sorry, no prize. However, we always have a lot of draw prizes, including fantastic ones from Salomon!

There will be a 300m 'Puppy' Scramble for children 6 years of age and under. A free event, it takes a few minutes and is held 10 minutes prior to race start.

Mad Dog 2023 Registration

The Mad Dog sells out every year! Register today (but don't tell your dog where you're going or it'll be jealous).

Early Bird Fee: Adult $40 / Youth $30 until August 31, 2019 
Regular Fee: Adult $45 / Youth $35 from September 1 - September 30, 2019 
Late Fee: Adult $50 / Youth $40 from October 1 - October 25, 2019
Race Day: Adult $55 / Youth $45

XSNRG Club Members: $10 discount refunded at a later date.
Cheques should be made out to: XSNRG Running Club

How to Register
Register online at the Running Room.
To register by email, download the registration form, complete and email a scanned copy to our race director.

Online registration closes Oct 25, 2019 at 11:59pm or once the maximum registrations of 200 is reached. There are no refunds.
Registrations by email must be sent by October 21, 2019.

Mad Dog 2023 Logistics

Sunday, October 27, 2019 at 9:30 am

Start and finish at Park Lane Public School (60 Park Lane Circle, Toronto, ON M3C 2N2) with the course going through leafy and grassy Sunnybrook Park.



Race Course
Top Secret! No one knows where the race route goes until the race starts. You’ll follow the Mad Dog’s twisted “markings” for about 8K of trail running in Sunnybrook Park.

Fitness and Lifestyle Coach Dione Mason will once again lead our Mad Dog warm-up! Please join her and her team before the race.

Race Start
Runners are divided into “packs” based on speed. Faster runners are held back to give the weekend warrior runners a big head-start! Timed handicaps are based on runners’ most recent 5K or 10k race times.

1st, 2nd, 4th, most persistent and dirtiest dogs all win prizes! Plus free food!

2023 Announcements & Results

trophy2019 Winnerstrophy

1st Lukas Haas
2nd Clare Kaloudas
4th Jacob Pozin

1st Michelle Clifford
2nd Amanda Ungar
4th Mercy Neri

Honourable Mentions
3rd Places: Justin Pozin & Bridget Coley
Most Persistent: Carolyn Halsall & Winnie W Yu
Dirtiest Dogs: Liam Winstone & Amanda Ungar

O'all Place Mad Dog Time Race Time Bib # Name Sex Sex Place Wave Delay
If anyone has changed waves but is not indicated correctly here please contact Jana Marshall to record the correct wave so we can provide a correct Mad Dog time for you.

Special Thanks

There are many people and organizations that help us out with this race each year. We acknowledge them here for their generous draw prizes and other assistance last year.

Supporters of the Mad Dog Scramble

Salomon @ Shops at Don Mills
Lululemon at Fairview Mall
Royal Bank of Canada (Dan Little)

Peter Donato at MyNextRace.com
St. Urbain Bagels
Dione Mason - Fitness and Lifestyle Coach
Special thanks to David Muirhead for his contribution of a pair of Raptor tickets.


Adults Junior Volunteers
John Petrosoniak Isabel Gonos
Michael Brennan Eric Webster
Dan Little Sabrina Wong
Wendy Lee
Nick Roberts
Michael Bedard
Connie Cadotte
Shiraz Roberts
Zeljko Srnic
Carey Levinton
Jana Chvatal
Claudio Hamburger
Glen Gundemann
David Muirhead
Chris Jacob
Greg Hogan
Mary-Jane Dundas
Tehmina Ahmed
Lydia Maldonado
Kathy Ing
Sue Pearen
Ed Wong
Sheila Jacobs
John Gonos
Murray Fearn
Peter Kain
Elaine Lavallee
Rob Schatteman

Mad Dog Photo Gallery

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